Golf Club Length Calculator

A golf player who is not of the golf industry standard size should employ the golf club length calculator, which adds or subtracts a specific number of inches to or from the standard industry numbers. The golf club length calculator is a direct function of a player’s height and wrist-to-floor measurements. If a player’s height is considered short, that same player may have a wrist-to-floor measurement that is longer, if their arms are shorter, or shorter, if their arms are longer than what golf researchers say is average.

Since golf is a precision sport, and since the shaft of a golf club is considered its most important element, I will give you some insight into how you go about using a golf club length calculator in your own personal situation.

Wrist-to-Floor Measurement

The average wrist-to-floor measurement, according to golf industry insiders, is approximately 32 to 34 inches. Generally speaking, shorter players may measure in the low 30s; taller players may measure higher than 35 inches in their wrist-to-floor measurements. Where do you fit in?

Put on your golf shoes before you have someone take this measurement. While standing on a flat, hard surface, allow your arms to relax and hang by your side. If you are right-handed, have the person measure your left side; if you are left-handed, measure the right side. Ensure that the person you recruit to measure you begins the measurement at the line on your wrist closest to your hand, and ends at the floor. Make a notation of the measurement and move on to your height.

Since you have a tape measure handy, have the person measure your height as well. Sometimes this number can change over time, so you want to be sure you obtain an accurate number.

These two numbers, you will reference in the following chart: Golf Club Length Calculator Chart, to discover if you need to buy golf clubs with shafts that are an inch or two above or below the standards.

How this Benefits the Golfer

Finding out your proper shaft length with a golf club length calculator helps to ensure not only a speedier swing and further distance, it helps your body to rotate and correctly transfer your weight, in order that you may perform to the best of your ability on the golf course.

If a golfer’s club extends further than it should, the club may be prematurely grounded. If it does not extend far enough, the club may top or miss the ball. In golf, players aim for precision in all aspects.

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